FCD Certification


Would you like to build your toolbox of knowledge, activities and resources for career development?

Do you want to be on the road to making the next part of your career life an exciting new adventure?

Start by learning proficiency in the 12 Facilitating Career Development Competencies established by the National Career Development Association.

Earn 3 undergraduate or graduate credits from Castleton University.





This is an open course for  anyone interested in obtaining career development expertise including private career practitioners, educators at all levels, career and technical teachers, job search trainers, workforce and employment professionals, college advisors and career center staff, human resource professionals, librarians, recruiting and outplacement professionals, nonprofit professionals, career development students, academic advisors, school counselors, outplacement personnel, career coaches.

Learning Outcomes: 

By the end of the FCD Certification Course, participants will show proficiency in the 12 FCD Competencies established by the National Career Development Association:

  1. Helping Skills – Participants will be proficient in the basic career facilitating process, including productive interpersonal relationships.
  2. Labor Market Information and Resources – Participants will understand labor market and occupational information and trends. They will know and be able to use and access current resources.
  3. Assessment – Participants will comprehend and use (under supervision) both formal and informal career development assessments with an emphasis on relating appropriate ones to the population served.
  4. Diverse Populations – Participants will recognize the special needs of various groups and adapt services to meet their needs.
  5. Ethical and Legal Issues – Participants will read and follow the CDF code of ethics and know current legislative requirements.
  6. Career Development Models – Participants will understand career development theories, models and techniques as they apply to lifelong development, gender, age, and ethnic background.
  7. Employability Skills – Participants will know job search strategies and placement techniques, especially in working with specific groups.
  8. Training Clients and Peers – Participants will prepare and develop materials for training programs and demonstrations.
  9. Program Management/Implementation – Participants will understand career development programs and their implementation and work as a liaison in collaborative relationships.
  10. Promotion and Public Relations – Participants will know how to market and promote career development programs with staff and supervisors.
  11. Technology – Participants will comprehend and use career development computer applications.
  12. Consultation – Participants will accept suggestions for performance improvement from consultants and supervisors.

Course Materials 

  1. The FCD Student Manual (included with course fee).
  2. Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment  (included with course fee).
  3. True Colors Personality Assessment  (included with course fee).
  4. Motivated Skills Card Sort  (included with course fee).
  5. Career Values Card Sort  (included with course fee).
  6. Life Planning Wheel Assessment  (included with course fee).
  7. An additional career book with reflection questions  (included with course fee).

Technical Requirements

  1. Must have Internet access.
  2. A webcam is encouraged, but not required.

College Credit is Additional