• Are you thinking about improving your status in the coming months ?
  • Are you hoping to begin or enhance your opportunities in the field of career development and services ?
  • Are you confused on where to obtain the training and who will guide and instruct you in the process ?
  • Do you want to earn a national certification after completing a 12-week training?
  • Are you looking for training from an experienced and exert career professional?  Someone who can walk the walk and talk the talk?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, then I am your instructor and mentor!  My goal is to help you build your professional opportunities in career development.  Through my FCD course, you’ll be on the road to making the next part of your life an exciting new career adventure.   I help people build and implement the Facilitating Career Development career competencies.  I provide an online venue with virtual face-to-face opportunities that allow you a chance to interact and grow with other professionals.  I can help you enhance or start a new career development program and curriculum for your school, organization or private practice.

As the former President of the National Career Development Association, Master Trainer for the Facilitating Career Development (FCD) program, and the creator of the online version of the FCD course for NCDA, I’m ready to share my proven methods with you.

Are you ready to move your career to the next level?

Then, what are you waiting for?

Contact Mark Today!

I offer a no-obligation introductory call for those considering the FCD course or the FCD Instructor course.  No risk; just a BIG reward: You will leave with a fresh perspective and ways to jump start your career journey.

I invite to have a confidential 15-minute call with me. There are a limited number of times available so take action now!

Email Mark at hsbtraining@gmail.com to start your career development life!