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Helping You Find Your Passion and Direction in Life

Why “HSB” Career Coaching?

We conduct our coaching via Skype which is very important so we can see and hear you.   It is important that we can have eye contact, see your body language and expressions as we talk.



Because it’s more effective. A career coach relies heavily on non-verbal communication. With phone coaching you take away the eye contact, the body language and facial expressions, so a coach is working with incomplete information. In a Skype or face to face session we will cover more ground than by phone and you will probably need fewer sessions overall. Phone coaching is still an option, but may not be as effective.

That doesn't mean it will be an easy ride, it could be a very bumpy one at times, but it will be an exciting one and I guarantee you will be glad you took the plunge.

Working in the career field for over 20 years, we have facilitated clients ranging from young adult to mature professionals looking to transition into a new career.   We always love coaching individuals in a process to move from where they are stuck to a point of understanding and action.  Coaching focuses on the practical steps needed to move you forward to a better place by making steady incremental changes.

Mark has done training with the Richard Knowdell as a Job and Career Transition Coach and have continued to attend workshop and classes on coaching.  He is one of the founding members of the Board Certified Coaches certified by the National Board for Certified Counselors.   Any coach worth their salt knows that developing their coaching skills is an ongoing and continuous process of improvement, just like it is for my clients.

Our style of Coaching is informal, practical and down to earth – with a dose of humor. There’s no waving a magic wand or wishing upon a star here. I work with you to help you understand your present situation, and together we work on possible options for moving forward… then it’s time for you to act. What we call homework.

This, for us, is the heart of Coaching; offering practical assistance and support with the ultimate aim of living a happier life where you have a real sense of balance and fulfillment. Put more simply; you feel good about yourself.

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Mark was very helpful in working me through my transition. He gave me feedback and listen to what I needed and provided the exercises and discussions to help me make a change

Ruth - Middletown, CT




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