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“This course is an extremely valuable tool for anyone employed in a position that deals with assisting individuals from all walks of life find and secure employment.  Mark Danaher and Kate Cocco share between them a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in career development facilitation, as well as up to date strategies, technology, and materials that they utilize to teach this very user-friendly and informative course.  They have and continue to structure their course around its participants and continuously modify its structure so as to best meet the needs of all of the learners involved and to create a sense of comradery that extends beyond the close of the course. Of all of the professional development coursework I have completed in my professional career,  Mark Danaher and Kate Cocco, through their style of instruction, have made this course the most informative, educational, and enjoyable course that I have been a part of.”

Joanne - Old Lyme, Connecticut    

"As facilitators, Mark Danaher and Kate Cocco presented this program with the highest level of expertise and professionalism.  As a result of their leadership, I have learned more from the GCDF class than the career class that I took for my Masters program in counseling."  

Lisa - North Canyon, Arizona

"The CDF course experience has helped me become more aware and better prepared to lead students in the right direction as they face challenging decisions in today's world of work."

Debbie - Malvern, AR

"The CDF course content has provided some of the best professional development I've completed. I have gained so many valuable resources to implement into my current Career Orientation program."

Sharla - Dover, AR

"This course content offered me so many ideas to assist my students in career exploration, preparation, and planning, not only while in school--but for life."

Annette- Hot Springs, AR

"I enjoyed learning about new resources to utilize in my counseling career. I liked the hands on approach of the activities which gave me the skills to apply to my profession. I would recommend this course to other professionals because it expands on career counseling. In my Master's program, we only touched on the subject and this course delved into the material."

Heather - Shelton, Connecticut

"I have learned more from this course format than other traditional courses I have taken. I would absolutely recommend this course to to other professionals interested in career development. I really feel like I have been trained to be an effective Career Development Facilitator (CDF). I liked the format and the instructor, Mark Danaher was great!"

Jim - New Milford, Connecticut

Exceptional... Professional.....Supportive....only superlative suffice to do the job when speaking of Mark Danaher and Kate Cocco.     We could not have asked for better instructors than Mark and Kate.  The course was absolutely superior as a result of their expertise and guidance!   Absolutely!  Without a doubt! I recommend this course to other professionals in the guidance and career field.   As a seasoned professional, I felt I knew a great deal about career counseling, but there is so much more to learn!  This course has provided me with a clear, comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the career planning and development process.  Anyone that works in a career planning capacity should take this course!

Holly - Windham, Connecticut

The instructors were amazing!  Thank you both!  I have already recommended the course (taught by Kate and Mark) to others and will continue to do so.  The best thing about the course was the instructors and the great students in the class; everyone worked so well together.  I certainly recommend this course because other professionals will learn so very much from it.

Linda - New Hartford, Connecticut

"I have been so excited about what I am doing that I have told everyone! I have recommended the course to people in higher education, colleagues, and friends who have shown an interest in helping others with career development. Even professionals can learn something about themselves and others that will enhance their own careers. It could also help them decide to pursue that one career of their dreams."

Gail - Glenwood, Ar

I would absolutely recommend this course, as taught by Mark and Kate, to everyone in the career development field. I learned so much from them about my concerns that directly related to my job and my career.  The information and knowledge I have gained from this course as well as the relationships are invaluable. 

Carina - Old Saybrook, Connecticut

This course has inspired me to take on new challenges in my work with helping students explore careers. I have learned that the more information we can share with individuals to help them help themselves, the better off they are. I feel I need to become more familiar with the resources this course has supplied me with so I can use them in my work with students.

Alice - Wolcott, Connecticut

The skills acquired in this course will enhance your abilities to perform at a high level in the profession.  Mark was a great instructor. He was patient with his students and answered all questions necessary and provided great examples and information to help me grow in the career development area.

Roy - Bloomfield, Connecticut

The CDF Course was very informative and enlightening.  It is well worth the time and effort. Mark did a great job and made those of us that were unsure of ourselves very comfortable.  He was very understanding and encouraging.  I feel very fortunate that we had him as our instructor.

Greg - Wilson, Arkansas

What I have learned in this course not only benefits me as a Career Orientation teacher and Career Action Plan Coordinator; it will also be an asset to my resume for when I retire at the high school level and pursue a full time position at the college level.

Cindy - Nashville, Arkansas

The CDF class was extremely interesting to me. I was learning a lot of new techniques from the other students in the class. Techniques that not only would help me as a CDF in my school district but also as a teacher. We shared ideas and helped each other through the course. It was a great experience and I made a lot of lifetime friends. The instructor was awesome and I totally enjoyed the face-to-face meeting. Mark you are a great instructor. Thanks for being so understanding.

Stephanie - Harrisburg, Arkansas

I truly enjoyed the class and have started using the skills and tools I gained in my everyday work with adolescents at a community mental health agency. I see how important it is for the next generation to have a sense of hope about their future! This class will impact the lives of so many for the better!

Nancy - Carlsbad, NM

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