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True Colors

Communication is the Key to a Knowing Yourself, Others and Appreciating Differences Around Us



Why True Colors?








Why True Colors 
might be right for your organization?

Looking for a workshop that will quickly and easily uncover the personality traits of your staff?


  • So that they will have a better understanding of themselves
  • So that they will learn to understand and appreciate one another
  • So they will improve communication, and reduce conflict
  • So they will work better as a team
TC Activities

Want your staff to have fun, enjoy their time together and truely bond with one another?

Want to make an investment in your staff that will have a lasting effect?

Would like people to know how to communicate with one another?

If you answered "Yes", then the True Colours system is right for you because it is:

  • True Colors Card Sort done right in the workshop.
  • Assessment is contained right in the information booklet.
  • Easy to use system, only four colors to remember.
  • Easy means longer lasting effect – becomes part of the culture faster.
  • Basic workshop gives you a great foundation to build upon.
  • Group exercises quickly get participants to understand commonalities and the differences that exist between people.
  • Uncovers the stressors that typically lead to conflict.
  • Self-administered makes it easy for HR to continue to use as new staff is brought on board.
  • Great for any group size.
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