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Career Coaching

Helping You Find Your Passion and Direction in Life

Services Provided

Private Career Coaching

This is ideal for many who are trying to make changes in their life and career. We meet weekly on Skype or via phone as we connect to your strengths and core values to get you energize and moving forward. After each weekly call, you will have homework and steps to take to get you on the right path. You can email throughout the week. If you are feeling unmotivated, you need to ask the question - do I have an action plan and am I sticking to it.

Oath to Success

The coaching relationship will clarify and provide confidence as you look for that next promotion or change in your life. As a coach, I help facilitate the process to look at what needs to change personally and professionally.

We will look at the following process to help change and grow your professional and personal life.

A - Review your current situation
B - Explore and determine desired outcome
C - Set specific goals
D - Design and create a plan of action
E - Implementation
F - Monitor progress and keep you moving forward
G - Evaluate progress and adjust and necessary

Career Coaching Session Details:

  • Send out questions before first coaching session. You need to answer the questions prior to our first Sykpe or phone session. The more thought, the better to help move the process
  • Cost is $135.00 per session. Session must be prepaid.
  • If three or more sessions are prepaid, there is a 15% discount given

Contact me with the following information:

  • What career issues you would like coaching for and provide any context
  • Your phone number, Skype ID and best times to call

I will follow up with an email and time and link for payment.

The sessions were great, easy to schedule a time and Skype and the phone worked so well

Thayer - Portland, ME



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