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Presentations at Your School, Community Center or Library

Communication is the Key to a Productive College Process

Let the High School and Beyond Team Present to Your Parents and Students:

Connecticut Librarian and Parent told me the following after a library presentation recently:

"The circulation desk staff said they heard wonderful things being said as the attendees left; and they were well deserved, too.  You are a well spoken, extremely knowledgeable, and helpful presenter.  The PowerPoint presentation was great, not too long and packed with really useful information.  I am sure the participants will be talking about the innovative card sort, also.  I can see a lot of good conversation opening in families due to them...

...Thank you for making time in your schedule to include our Public Library.  As a parent, I hope my daughter’s guidance counselor gives her such good advice.  As a librarian, I can’t thank you enough for presenting a well organized program of such high quality to my library community."

"It was so helpful to get the our views on the table about how far my daughter wanted to live from home and our concerns as parents both fo distance and finances before we got dow the road to far!!" 

Parent of a High School Junior - Newington, Connecticut



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