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CDF Instruction Course & eLearning

This 2-3 day, in-person, NCDA-approved course prepares you to become a CDF Instructor (CDFI) and eLearning CDF Instructor. The cost is $1500.00.

Can now be done virtually using Skype!!

CDF Instructor training provides classroom instruction for those career development professionals who wish to teach the 120-hour Career Development Facilitator course using the NCDA curriculum.

You will be approved to teach the CDF course with successful completion and have the opportunity to join the NCDA Instructor Registry for marketing and professional recognition.

The CDF Instructor training (CDFI) provides curriculum, networking, and guidance that will prepare you to teach the CDF program to others, so that they may acquire the knowledge and skills to qualify for international certification as a Global Career Development Facilitator through The Center for Credentialing and Education, Inc (CCE).

How It Works

CDFI training with eLearning Certification is a 2-3 day course. During the workshop, you will be assigned to teach one or more of the 12 CDF Competencies to your peers. Feedback will come from your peers as well as from me. Students are given constructive feedback on their teaching and presentation skills to assist in their growth in becoming CDF Instructors

About Instructor Training

CDF Instructor’s provide a valuable service helping others who work in career development:

  1. Gain skills and knowledge that can be applied immediately on the job
  2. Gain recognition in the field of career development
  3. Increase professional opportunities
  4. Obtain eligibility for global certification
  5. Network with regional career development practitioners
  6. Learn in a contextual learning environment. 

CDF Instructors have an extensive background in all of the CDF competencies including:

  • Career development
  • Career assessment
  • Occupational information
  • Job-hunting
  • Job Retention
  • Career counseling
  • Worked, Taught, or Trained adults in settings such as K-12 education, community college, university, one-stop career center, career service agency or business and industry.

Who Attends

Persons will be considered qualified for this training if they possess:

  1. Career development expertise,
  2. Teaching or training experience, and
  3. A commitment to teach the CDF curriculum.  

An CDFI application must be completed.  Acceptance or rejection notices will be mailed or emailed one week after applications are reviewed.

An eLearning application must be completed. Acceptance or rejection will be mailed or emailed one week after applications are reviewed.

Who Will Conduct This Training

The trainer will be Mark Danaher who has been a career development practitioner, trainer, and is a CDF Master Trainer.  He has worked with the CDF curriculum and the concepts everyday as a career center educator and counselor at Manchester High School in Connecticut.  Mark has worked with many schools, colleges and organizations around Connecticut and the Untied States in career development skills and knowledge.

Career Opportunities

The demand for certified career professionals is increasing every day.  One-Stop Centers, High School Counseling Offices, Corporate Career Development Programs, Non-Profit Centers, Humans Resource Personnel, Special Education Transition Coordinators, Job Training, and Vocational Rehabilitation Programs require career development professionals with current knowledge and skills.

Become a registered CDF Instructors working to enhance career development by training others for national certification as CDFs.


  1. Recognition as a Nationally Registered Career Development Facilitator (CDF) Instructor
  2. Professional development opportunity to increase your career knowledge and skills
  3. Instruction from a certified Master Trainer who models various learning techniques
  4. Networking with career development professionals committed to: excellence, lifelong learning, and the field of career development

Endorsed By:

Course Materials

Course materials include the CDF curriculum and the instructor's manual for conducting your own CDF class. You will also receive additional materials and handouts from me and your peers.

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Define and describe the 12 competencies on which the CDF training program is based.
  • Identify content in each chapter of the CDF curriculum.
  • Identify how and where each of the 12 competencies is taught and evaluated in the curriculum.
  • Respond correctly to questions about the ethics and scope of practice of CDFs.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of, and your ability to teach, the helping skills component of the curriculum.
  • Demonstrate competence in your training skills by presenting a 30-minute portion of the CDF curriculum.
  • Evaluate CDF students' competence in helping and training skills in order to provide a valid recommendation to the National Career Development Association (NCDA), which awards CDF certificates.
  • Describe ways in which the CDF curriculum can be modified and expanded by an instructor.
  • Describe correctly e-learning and blended (hybrid) curriculum and the process to become an e-learning instructor.
  • Describe the CDF scope of practice as it relates to assessment, both formal and informal.
  • Describe the requirements and process developed by the Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), for those who want to obtain a credential as a Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF).
  • Develop a plan to promote and deliver a CDF course.
  • Describe correctly the CDF Instructor and Program Registry administered by NCDA.

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from NCDA verifying that you have completed the CDFI training and are able to conduct your own CDF Trainings.

The GCDF instructor training course has given me the tools I need to train CDF's here in the state of Arkansas. I could not have had a better instructor than Mark to prepare me to train others as CDF's. Even though I have completed my instructor training, I know that I can always count on Mark for his help and support.

Cindy Mason, GCDFI, Nashville, AR



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