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Career Development Competencies

Career Development Competencies

Following is a brief summary of the 12 career development competencies you will acquire through the CDF Training course.

  1. Helping Skills. You will become proficient in the basic career facilitating process. You will also learn how to foster productive interpersonal relationships.

  2. Labor Market Information and Resources. You will gain insight into the labor market and occupations. You will also learn how to use current resources to explore this issue in greater depth and stay up-to-date with trends.

  3. Assessment. You will learn how to understand and use (under supervision) both formal and
    informal career development assessments. You will also learn how to select the appropriate assessments for the populations you serve.

  4. Diverse Populations. You will become aware of the special employment needs of various groups. You will also gain the ability to adapt your services to meet the unique requirements of individuals and populations.

  5. Ethical and Legal Issues. You will learn the CDF code of ethics, as well as current legislative regulations that affect your work as a career development facilitator.

  6. Career Development Models. You will learn career development theories, models, and techniques as they apply to lifelong development, gender, age, and ethnic background.

  7. Employability Skills. You will acquire numerous job search strategies and placement techniques to share with your clients. You will also learn how to adapt these techniques to specific groups.

  8. Training Clients and Peers. You will learn how to prepare and develop materials and curricula you can use to conduct your own training programs and presentations.

  9. Program Management & Implementation. You will learn how to organize, implement and manage a career development program. You will also learn how to work as a liaison in collaborative relationships.

  10. Promotion and Public Relations. You will learn various marketing techniques you can use to promote your career development programs.

  11. Technology. You will learn how to comprehend and use career development computer applications.

  12. Consultation. You will learn how to accept suggestions for performance improvement from other consultants and/or supervisors.

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I truly enjoyed the class and have started using the skills and tools I gained in my everyday work with adolescents at a community mental health agency. I see how important it is for the next generation to have a sense of hope about their future! This class will impact the lives of so many for the better!

Nancy - Carlsbad, NM



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