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Career coaching is more than helping you find your dream job. Working with a skilled coach helps you find career satisfaction, reduce stress during the job search and helps speed up the process of finding a good fit for you. Challenge

The Following are some areas of focus...they don't link anywhere...just some food for thought

Unsatisified Career ProfessionalYoung ProfessionalRecent GraduateEncore Careers

Areas that Can be Explored Included any of the following:

  • Exploring yourself through assessments, background, interests, and your life and work history
  • Exploring Career Possibilities and information
  • Setting Short and Long term goal through a Career Plan and taking action
  • Action Planning to get you moving

How does it work?

During a series of confidential sessions we establish what is really important to you in your life or career, what you want more of, what you want less of (just as important) and what needs to happen to so that ultimately you get what you want.

At the end of each coaching session you will normally have some tasks or 'homework' to do. It may be keeping a journal of your ideas or some other tasks designed to move your forward in your thinking or actions to achieve your goal.  Eventually, I want you to set your own homework and if I think you are being too easy on yourself, I may question your motives, but you will always have the final say.

The more time you devote to your homework between sessions the more effective coaching will be – and you’ll probably need fewer sessions too.

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