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High School College Card Sort

Communication is the Key to a Productive College Process

The College Card Sort to Begin Your College Search

As you begin thinking about your journey beyond high school, many students procrastinate and wait to the last minute. Parents are often left wondering what is going on and what their child is considering for their future college choices. At High School and Beyond, we believe we have developed a tool to help families understand the college process and know who is doing what and why.

The College Card Sort was developed during the last two years and field tested over the last year. The Card Sort involves students and parents sorting through choices and putting together their ideas of what is needed from a college before any college names are shared or thought about. Typically, what happens in this process is that a child gets a name in their head and that is the only place they want to go without ever considering what the school has to offer. We aim to change that by getting both children and parents to think about the whole school and its offerings before making any searches or selections.

HSB College Card Sort


Contact Mark to Learn more about the College Card Sort. It is great for individuals, families and schools.

Take a moment to view our video on how the card sort works:

Click Here to Watch - Card Sort and Workbook Introduction

College Card Sort Video

"We had our first meaningful conversation about college and finances after completing the College Card Sort and Workbook Discussion Questions. We understand the college process so much better!!" 

Parent of a High School Junior - Manchester, Connecticut



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