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Accounting, the missing link?

An essential (and often ignored) part of Coaching is the accountability that is built into the process.  

Why? Because if you read a book and do nothing, there’s no come back.

With Coaching, you are making a commitment to us to do certain things by a certain time. Our job is to hold you to that.   We provide support in between besides the regular sessions.  In this way, over time, you develop new habits that replace the bad ones that have been holding you back.


We will agree between us just how much accountability you want. You may know you’ll achieve more when you have to give us daily email update, or you may be the type of person who prefers to be left to their own devices. That is your decision.

Our role as your Coach is to be there to encourage and support you, to question you, to persuade or even challenge you but to always believe completely in you, your goals and your abilities.  As your Coach our expertise is in listening and questioning. Put simply, we will not preach, but we will definitely push.

Our style of coaching is very informal, yet very effective.

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Being able to talk to someone about my career and create goals and an action plan was more than I could have hoped for

Don - South Hadley, MA



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